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(Data Protection Trustmark)

Around the world, cybercrime damage amounts to trillions of dollars every single year. A substantial percentage of that comprises damage, destruction and theft of personal and financial data. Looking more locally, Singapore’s cybercrimes in 2020 made up an alarming 43 percent of total crime. It further shot up by 145 percent in 2021.
With the multitude of recent hacking incidents that have occurred throughout Singapore, it’s important for businesses who deal with sensitive data and information to take action. It is necessary to prove to customers that they’re doing everything possible to keep it safe.
The Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) is a logo that helps instil confidence in customers’ eyes that a business undertakes data protection practices that are at an exceptional level. As such, completing the DPTM certification is a highly effective way for organisations to build trust. This is crucial because gaining the customers’ trust provides a legitimate advantage over uncertified competitors.

Does My Business Need It?

There are substantial benefits for any relevant organisation to obtain the Data Protection Trustmark.
In addition to ensuring your staff have been provided with the essential training to fully understand the best practices involved in accountable data protection. Upon successful completion you are then able to use the logo across all marketing materials.
This can act as a very powerful tool to generate new business, as it is seen as a crucial element for any business that works with customers’ personal information. Prospective customers will feel secure knowing you are accountable and utilise only the most responsible sensitive data practices that are compliant with PDPA practices.
There are further advantages to DPTM certification for your business. For example, it can effectively protect company assets from potential loss as a mitigator against enforcement action should there be any data breaches.
In Singapore, there also exists what’s known as the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). This act dictates protection standards for businesses who deal with personal data. It also includes regulations regarding the data’s collection, use, disclosure and care. The PDPA therefore effectively necessitates any business that works with the sensitive data of customers to undertake and successfully complete the Data Protection Trustmark certification.

Why Is It Important To Work With A Professional Cybersecurity Provider?

When you engage expert managed security service providers in Singapore such as CSIntelligence, they are able to walk you through the entire journey to ensure your data is as secure as possible. From Managed PDR® to the recommendation of a variety of suitable measures to put in place, professional cybersecurity consultants can cater for businesses in every industry.
Our team at CSIntelligence can also work with you to ensure your organisation properly adheres to the PDPA’s requirements with a comprehensive PDPA consultation. This includes a review of policies and procedures as well as assistance with the establishment of adequate technical controls.
We have several highly experienced and knowledgeable data protection officers (DPOs) who are ready to assist your business with a full suite of services including DPTM consultancy and much more.

Build Trust In Your Customers With CSIntelligence

The importance of the Data Protection Trustmark is essential to forge trust with customers and to potentially generate substantially more business. Hence, it is vital that you collaborate with a managed security service provider in Singapore who has the expertise to assist you.
The expert cyber security consultants at CSIntelligence offer DPTM consultations as well as Managed PDR®, incident response and all other cyber security services.
Speak with the best in the business today by calling +65 6970 7339. Alternatively, you can send us an online enquiry and you’ll hear back from us as soon as possible.

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