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For immediate help, call us at +65 977 24 999 for CS Rescue. 
Our 24×7 cyber incident response service provides immediate help and strives to reduce business downtime and minimise potential damages.
Assess Damage

CSIntelligence's incident responders will first perform a preliminary round of damage assessment. We document all related evidence such as security logs, malicious files, Indicators of Compromise (IOC), etc.

Investigate & Triage

After assessing the evidence, our intelligence team identifies the root cause(s) of the incident.

Contain & Remediate

Upon completion of investigation, we assist clients to formalise methodical incident response plan with the necessary resource allocation.

Review & Strengthen

We provide daily status updates on the reports on threat activities and investigations until the incident is resolved. Transform and strengthen overall security posture with CSIntelligence's risk review.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

    Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) is a set of security policies and procedures put in place to handle cyber attacks when they happen. Forensic IT services help to identify and mitigate such attacks so that malicious actors do not gain access to your internal and external networks, databases, and websites. 


    In this way, sensitive information and customer personal data will not be compromised. DFIR also aims to identify how systems were breached and to attempt to put measures in place to protect your organisations from potential cyber attacks.  

    Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) involves 4 steps: assessing damage, investigating, containing & remediating, and reviewing & strengthening. 


    During the first stage of assessing damage, all evidence is identified, collated and properly stored. This makes the second stage – of investigating data – possible to be carried out. Here, data is analysed, digital forensics investigators will attempt to understand how security defences were breached and conclusions are drawn. 


    In the third stage, an incident response plan, a course of action, is recommended. This is where the type of tools, procedures and resources required are detailed with the aim of identifying and eliminating cyber threats and to prevent any further damage. In the last stage of reviewing and strengthening, the IR team figures out how to ensure similar attacks are prevented from happening again. 

    CSIntelligence is an experienced cyber security company with its own 24×7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) and a team of dedicated cyber security professionals on hand to ensure your cyber security posture is secured. We offer digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) services, CS Rescue, to ensure cyber attacks are immediately handled. 


    Our DFIR engineers and penetration testers are CREST-certified, well-qualified by industry standards to work with your company in Singapore to safeguard your systems, carry out cyber forensics and handle any attacks. 

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