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Now more than ever before, the threat to mobile security is incredibly high. With reports of a 466% increase in exploited, zero-day vulnerabilities used in active attacks against mobile endpoints and 5,000 new mobile malware samples uncovered daily by Zimperium, mobile threats are continuing to rise and are not slowing down at all.
Just some of the mobile threats making global headlines recently include:
  • The FBI warning that teleworkers staying at hotels due to COVID may be targeted via Wi-Fi attacks
  • A zero-click iPhone exploit in iMessage by Pegasus Spyware
  • Mobile game ‘Battle for the Galaxy’ leaking the profiles of 6 million users
  • The National Security Agency reporting an increase in publicly known, active Wi-Fi attacks
  • Multinational brewery and pub chain BrewDog’s exposure of sensitive data of over 200,000 shareholders
These days, operating a business often involves things like remote working and bring your own device (BYOD) arrangements. And because of these and other more flexible initiatives in the workplace, the potential for mobile security threats increases.
The potential threats don’t just stop there.With the ongoing rollout of the 5G network, there are new possible tactics for threats such as mobile phishing and more.

A New Threat: 5G Cyber Security

1. Exposure Of IoT devices

It’s no secret that Internet Of Things (IoT) devices have exploded in popularity in the last few years, both for personal and business use. But because one of the features of these devices is how easy it is to connect them, this means they’re high-risk for mobile and cyber threats.
Through the increased connectivity of 5G, once hackers find a vulnerability somewhere they’re able to launch their assaults incredibly quickly.

2. Lack Of Security Expertise

With such a drastic expansion of new technologies such as IoT and Artificial Intelligience (AI), the knowledge gap is growing between hackers and businesses due to a shortage of cyber security consultants. In fact, the Cyber Security Workforce Study by (ISC)² had this figure at only 2.7 million in 2021 globally.
While many companies are implementing automated security systems as a way to mitigate this, it’s simply not enough to deliver the highest level of protection.

3. Loopholes In Private Wireless Networks

The introduction of 5G will enable businesses to create multiple private wireless networks on top of the common physical infrastructure or what is known as network slicing. While this can be highly beneficial for meeting the needs of an enterprise, there is a drawback.
As it makes the network as a whole much more complex, its implementation has to be completed absolutely perfectly. Otherwise, issues can arise like mapping deficiencies which hackers can find and exploit to gain access to your architecture. There, they can launch malware or mobile phishing attacks and access sensitive information about your business and clients.

4. Edge Attacks

Due to the widespread use of mobile devices by employees, there is an increased potential of cyber security threats. With workers only slowly beginning to return to offices in Singapore, it is not uncommon for mobile users to perform tasks such as access files and applications from the cloud outside of the workplace when they work from home. But doing so with poor security measures in place on their device gives hackers more opportunities.
Additionally, BYOD arrangements can lead to users downloading malware apps unknowingly, further increasing the probability of a malicious attack on your company’s systems.

Holistic Approach To Mobile Security

Governance - Review Of Policies & Regular Trainings

So how do you ensure your business is as protected as it can be against such attacks? The first step is to make sure your policies are fully up to date and aligned with all of the working arrangements or technology you implemented.
Once that is completed, it is time to provide regular training sessions to your staff. They need to be fully aware about every protocol that relates to their position in the company, with consistent ‘refresher’ sessions to ensure they stay 100% aware across it.
CSIntelligence delivers a holistic approach to mobile security, with governance as the first pillar. Our cyber security consultants will conduct regular reviews of policies that govern mobile device usage. We will also provide regular training sessions covering the latest cyber security threats pertaining to your industry.

Management Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

The management of your mobile security infrastructure is integral to preventing nefarious attacks, and the second pillar in our mobile security approach. With CS Intelligence’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) service you can rest assured your sensitive data and IT infrastructure is safe with the leading providers of cyber security in Singapore.

Our VAPT services will help to identify any security gaps there may be across your mobile device network. We will also escalate any potential threats to the cyber defense team for in-depth investigations.

Operations - Managed PDR® Mobile

The final pillar of our all-encompassing mobile security methodology is implementing proactive mobile threat defense through expert Managed PDR® Mobile Singapore and enterprises worldwide have benefitted from our first-class cyber security consulting services, and yours will no doubt as well.
Avoid mobile phishing and other types of attacks with:
  • An always-on (24/7) application on each device that monitors and detects any suspicious behaviour
  • Prompts of recommended actions to take to properly remediate any incidents
  • Insights into the mobile device security hygiene across your organisation
  • Support with a Managed PDR® Endpoint and/ or an email

Strengthen Mobile Security With CSIntelligence

As the preferred managed security service provider in Singapore, you can trust us fully with the knowledge and experience we have to help future-proof your business. Our proactive approachers cover all aspects of cyber security, and we’ll make sure your sensitive and important data is fully safeguarded. Contact our team now to see how we can assist you in your cyber security needs.

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