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The Cyber Security Scene

With the recent rise in cyber-attacks and threats, new laws and regulations are emerging. Compliance is a necessity – not just to avoid fines, but to also ensure your information is secured. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU and the Cyber Security Bill in Singapore are only two of the many rules that govern the cyber security world. They affect not only the cyber security industry but almost any other industry which requires collection of personal data. Having a consultant to support you in the understanding of and adherence to these regulations reduces the risk and load you would take.

Additionally, the main reason why organizations are still so prone to attack is because of the solutions put in place with regards to your IT infrastructure. Our analysts can provide the most updated information on cyber-attacks and help you to analyze your IT infrastructure so that the most appropriate solutions are set in place. We work alongside you to build your cyber security environment and ascertain that only the best measures are adopted such that you can attain maximum returns on your cyber security investments.

Key Features

CSIntelligence’s consultancy and advisory services comprise of, but are not limited to:

Representation on Your Behalf

CSIntelligence can represent your organization to communicate with your IT team regarding concerns of cyber security you may be facing. Given our vast understanding and experience in the cyber security field, CSIntelligence work with your organization to help reach a streamlined security. Ensuring that you will be making the most yields for your cyber security and IT investments.

Performing Analysis

CSIntelligence can provide regular consultation services to perform gap analysis to visualize your current IT security status. This is achieved by referencing the renowned Cyber Security Framework provided by US NIST or other preferred frameworks upon discussion.

Policy Making

Working closely with your organization to support you to establish and implement a fitting cyber security policy.

Compliance with Regulations

CSIntelligence offers consultancy services to set up robust measures to secure personal and organizational information. CSIntelligence evaluates whether the organization has complied fully with PDPA. In addition, CSIntelligence will assist you in ensuring that the organization complies with the Cyber Security Bill and GDPR (if required).

Choosing Solutions

CSIntelligence will work with your organization to come up with suitable plans to combat any gaps found, securing the best solutions within your budget.

*These services may change from a project to project basis. CSIntelligence’s consultancy service is fully customizable according to your needs and demands.

With our proficiency in cyber security, our specialist works with your IT Security team to help your organization in the building, maintenance and improvement of your cyber security infrastructure.

With more than 18 years of experience in the cyber security industry, Hirotaka Mieda, CEO of CSIntelligence has an abundance of knowledge to share with like-minded individuals who wish to learn more and adopt the best cyber security practices.

Our team of cyber security analysts is also at your service to offer ideas on how to meet the need of your management and organization to adhere to cyber security. Being in this industry, we are constantly informed about the latest news and regulations which sprung up so that you will not infringe on any regulation inadvertently.

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