Managed PDR

Having a Next-Generation Security Operations Center (Next-Gen SOC) is the pre-requisite to safekeeping your organization and business continuity.

Rising Vulnerabilities

Cyber threats are both growing in frequency and sophistication. Signature based cyber may be readily detected by the common security solutions you implement at home or at work. Zero-day attacks and new vulnerabilities are threats that common security solutions may not protect against. Such attacks disrupt business operations and theft of trade damages your competitive edge resulting in economic losses.

Threat actors have been able to overcome well-known security measures to extort money and information from organizations. More insidious criminals are at work and an evolving threat landscape may open potential attack vectors that may compromise your system. Guard your cherished data well starting now.

Why Legacy Solutions are Not Enough

Traditional security strategies assume that it is possible to halt attackers from compromising your networks by building a protective layer or wall. However, seeing how criminals are always coming up with new ways and methodologies, cyber threats are already able to circumvent these traditional technologies which are outdated.

Legacy SOC only monitors logs from perimeter firewall, network-based security appliances and servers. This means that they may not have the capability to explain the entire story of how, where and what exactly happened. CSIntelligence, on the other hand, can offer you full details of any threat or attack by performing in-depth analysis with fast detection of threats including zero-day threats by having the right specialists and technology.

Key Features

Our next generation SOC analysts stay ahead of threats attacking your endpoints by relentlessly detecting, preventing and managing threats so that your organization is safeguarded against any form of intrusion at all times.


CSIntelligence leverages advanced technologies which generate alerts upon the detection of any potential threat. By proactively monitoring your assets around the clock, CSIntelligence will quickly diagnose and determine the nature of the alert so that no time is wasted in mitigating any attack while greatly decreasing the occurrence of false alarms.


Our team of certified security analysts will conduct in-depth and in-house analysis of any real threat found. CSIntelligence will provide you with a comprehensive report so that the next remediation actions can be carried out as fast as possible. We also provide a monthly summarized review tailored for C-suites to grant you the capability to perform swift and informed decisions overall.

Interception and Isolation

Upon discovery of any compromise in your infrastructure, CSIntelligence will isolate necessary endpoints to prevent further lateral spreading of the threats. Activity pertaining to the isolated endpoint may be interrupted, however, all other business operations can continue given the specificity of action taken.


Should any need occur, CSIntelligence will offer immediate assistance through off-site remediation. This is to provide you with a peace of mind as cyber breaches can happen any time and is often daunting to resolve.

On-Site (Upon request)

In the occurrence of any severe cyber breach requiring on-site assistance, our on-site partners or CSIntelligence specialists will be constantly available to render assistance. You can always contact CSIntelligence for further enquiries to better assist you in deploying the most appropriate specialist.

Combining only the best technology by various technology partners and the expertise of our trained security specialists, we ensure that your IT infrastructure will be well protected at all times.


We engage only competent analysts on our side and acclaimed technologies from our partners. Having manpower at your service 24 by 7 signifies that CSIntelligence will always be present to evaluate and ensure that your IT infrastructure will not be compromised. We provide services parallel to those delivered to large enterprises.


Even if you are using products from other vendors, our tools chosen by us are able to integrate with and complement most products in the industry, so you will still be protected by all your subscribed services.


Understanding the monetary concerns of most organizations, CSIntelligence always puts our customers first and seek to reduce any unnecessary costs. Customers do not have to worry about not being about to afford security for their organization.


The integrity of information shared to us will be preserved at all times. To give you the fullest picture of what has unfolded and to assure you that your information is not leaked, all our monitoring to forensics are done in-house.

On top of the information and analysis the technology provides, we value add by performing in-depth investigation.

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