Phisherman Alert!

The first step to protecting your organization is to educate your employees.

Why Employees Matter

Organizations are so focused on safeguarding their hardware and software against cyber threats that they have forgotten all about securing the heart ware – the employees.

The strongest security around cannot stop your employees from falling victim to phishing attacks.

Increasing Compromised Emails

In 2016 alone, 43% of security incidents reported to SingCERT by individuals and SMEs have occurred through phishing attacks. Phishing attacks are responsible for 94% of ransomware and S$132,000 per Business Email Compromise (BEC) incident. In a BEC scam, attackers impersonate the owner of a corporate email account to mislead the employees or customers in an attempt to gain your confidential data or acquire enormous funds.

As employees are increasingly working from home and using their own devices at work, the doors into your organization’s data are significantly increasing. Exposing employees and giving them the awareness of cyber security ascertain they are neither breached at home nor at work, entirely fortifying your organization.

Key Features

Simulation Attack

CSIntelligence sends emails that resemble those from your clients, partners or a trusted source, tricking your employees in giving away their credentials. These emails are crafted according to your organization’s functions and needs which look so authentic such that it is hard to differentiate them from real ones.

Summary Report

Compiling data from the simulation exercise, CSIntelligence will deliver a report detailing the number of employees who fall into the trap and more. This report helps you to implement targeted strategies to educate your employees and serves as evidence of how well-educated they are in the cyber security arena.

Employee Training

To truly create a culture of security, CSIntelligence will offer additional training on top of the exercise to equip your employees with the necessary skills so that they will not fall for any real phishing scam. Given that many individuals are using unmanaged and insecure devices, modern workplace requires a well-protected environment and an informed audience.

Phisherman Alert! is an in-house application developed by CSIntelligence to test employees’ susceptibility to BEC scams and aims to cultivate good cyber hygiene among your employees to combat data breaches. The training conducted offers a first-hand realistic spear phishing email experience directed at tricking employees into divulging confidential information.

As phishing attacks bombard headlines recently, by opting for an educational program, your organization would give your customers the necessary assurance that their security and privacy are respected and that you are doing everything reasonable to safeguard their personally identifiable information.

Companies with an awareness training strategy have significantly lower losses when a cyber-related event happens than those who do not train their staff. Be the company with the lower losses to increase your profits.

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