Vulnerabilities Assessment and Penetration Testing

Patch all vulnerabilities while securing all areas in your IT environment to have an ease of mind even when you are not working.

Ways attackers get in

Vulnerabilities are doors that open to cyber criminals.

A global sensation, WannaCry is an epitome of most organizations’ lack of preparation for cyber threats and screams the need for greater implementation of cyber security strategies.

In reality, the root cause of the wide spread of WannaCry ransomware was a flaw not patched in older versions of Microsoft systems. This signifies the need for organizations to implement proactive testing to plan ahead of attackers.

Essential Benefits of VAPT

VAPT comes in as it exposes flaws in your computer systems and IT infrastructure. These faults can then be patched up or mitigated to secure your confidential information.

It is estimated that cyber security spending will surpass USD$1 trillion in 2021. By engaging CSIntelligence’s VAPT to get a comprehensive view of the faults in your systems, you can ensure that every cent is spent well by assessing your systems and addressing the right concerns. This ensures that you get maximum returns on your cyber security investments.

Key Features

Vulnerabilities Scanning

CSIntelligence will conduct scanning on the organization’s internal network and/or internet facing systems to search for any vulnerabilities that can be compromised by us. This identifies the vulnerabilities endangering your organization’s information assets and allows them to be resolved.

Penetration Testing

Suitable penetration tests are performed by our pen-testers to explore possibilities of how your computer systems can be compromised. This assesses your organization’s cyber security strategies and tolerance of your business in a cyber-attack, summarising the loopholes found so that you can implement more effective security strategies.

Comprehensive Report

VAPT gives an all-inclusive evaluation of all the shortcomings in your IT environment. Unique to our reports is the segment on threat controls for the vulnerabilities and exploits found where at times, it is not possible to patch. Thus, we will propose workarounds to the issues found. Upon understanding the specific gaps in your systems, you will be able to make careful and accurate decisions to enact better security solutions.

Focusing on identifying security risks within the IT infrastructure of organizations, our VAPT services identifies the gaps in your computer system, network system, network nodes, firewalls and other computer applications to provide a clearer picture of the susceptibilities in your IT infrastructure. Even with the best cyber security software and appliances, your computer systems can still be prone to threats and vulnerabilities.

The penetration test involves simulation of security attacks to determine faults in the network design. Moreover, it can identify hidden vulnerabilities difficult to be detected by scanning tools. Using the results obtained, we will analyze and diagnose the level of resilience within the organization’s systems and business operations.

In addition to the technical report generated by the scanning tools, our trained pen-testers will create man-made report with proposed workarounds and alternative solutions for possible and existing vulnerabilities found. A mainstream solution such as patching may appear to be impossible or too cumbersome at times due to operational requirements. The workarounds suggested by our security pen-testers will provide a second option for your organization should you face any difficulties when addressing the situation. By gathering intelligence beforehand, CSIntelligence emulates exploits for vulnerabilities to truly stimulate real-world attacks against your organization’s IT and data.


SAGE VAPT – Remote for internet facing systems

CSIntelligence conducts external VAPT for infrastructure on your Internet-facing systems remotely and present to you our findings afterward. Also, we provide you with an additional remediation scan on top of the first testing within six months from the initial examination. This excludes VAPT for any web applications.

SAGE VAPT – Onsite for internal systems

CSIntelligence conducts on-site VAPT for endpoints, servers and network equipment within your organization network and provide you the findings.

SAGE VAPT – WebApp Scan

CSIntelligence conducts remote scanning and penetration testing of web applications, providing you with our findings subsequently.

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