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Our service helps businesses in Singapore and across the globe identify the security gaps in computer system, network system, network nodes, firewalls and other computer applications to provide a clearer picture of the susceptibilities in an IT infrastructure.

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) provide value through early gap analysis of your company’s computer systems and IT infrastructure. These vulnerabilities and security gaps can then be mitigated to secure your confidential information.

By engaging CSIntelligence to get a comprehensive view of the gaps in your systems, you can ensure that every cent is spent well by assessing your systems and addressing the right concerns, giving you maximum returns on your cyber security investments.

Why CSIntelligence


A mark of excellence and credibility, our CREST-certified pen-testers provide Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing service of high quality and technical standards.

Real-World Simulation

By gathering intelligence beforehand, CSIntelligence emulates exploits for vulnerabilities to truly simulate real-world attacks against your company's IT and data. The penetration test involves simulation of security attacks to determine faults in the network design. Moreover, our test can identify hidden vulnerabilities difficult to be detected by scanning tools. Using the results obtained, we will analyse and diagnose the level of resilience within the organisation's systems and business operations.

Customised Solutions

In addition to the technical report generated by the scanning tools, our trained pen-testers will create reports with proposed workarounds and alternative solutions for possible and existing vulnerabilities found.

A mainstream solution such as patching may appear to be impossible or too cumbersome at times due to operational requirements. The workarounds suggested by our security pen-testers will provide a second option for your organisation should you face any difficulties when addressing the situation.

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